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Family Friendly Services

Happy kids after a check-up from Texas Smiles Dental

With state-of-the-art technology and ample experience, we offer you the finest in dental and Invisalign™ orthodontic services. Whether you want to continue preventative practices and receive regular exams and checkups or you have existing problems, we can take care of you. Don't take your family's dental needs lightly; use the professionals at Texas Smiles Dental. In addition to superior services, we are extremely kid friendly and strive to make you child's experience less traumatic and more comfortable.

Using state of the art intra-oral cameras and digital X-rays, we can make formerly cumbersome procedures quick and comfortable.

Focused Orthodontic Treatment: Straighten out your smile with Invisalign custom made, removable, clear Aligners!
Exams & Checkups: Preempt tooth pain with a painless regular exam.
Cosmetic Whitening: Don't feel like your smile is as gleaming as it could be? Whiten up with our services!

Fillings • Sealants • Extractions • Bad Breath • Fluoride • Bridges • Root Canals   
Wisdom Teeth Extraction • Gum Therapy • Fillings: Gold & Silver
Oral Health Problems • Crowns • Caps

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